Thursday, September 2, 2010

July and Aug 2010 and onward

Hot Totty!!!

Its been a minute since i updated this piece so heres some pics and short copy of what I have been doing the last few weeks... peace

ASR/CLASS came through last month in San Diego, again... We had some great times at the SE Hotel... Shout out to Reg for taking care of us at the pool each eve. Big up to Joey at Bliss Mag... Make sure you check out the Sept issue for the story...
best view of the show:)
looking out my bedroom window at 5am
oquinn booth
ooooohhh baracuda

rolled out to palm springs ca with some newport creeps and posted up at the ace hotel last weekend...

the crew at the se hotel during asr
tyler rose girls
jay, wyatt and young money
anamic and joey-i like how shes carrying a bottle of wine in the show

I made friends with singer/songwriter Samantha James at the Billabong party, shes rad. We are working on some tunes as we speak, cant wait for the outcome... Check out her music at


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